Monday, November 15, 2010

Section 1: The popularity of E-Books

There is definitely a lot of demand for the rising popularity which is the eBook. Cornwall (2010) clearly states that nowadays, going digital is one of the ways to survive in a business, and it seems that books has took a turn into the digital age joining other medias such as music and movies.

Apart from just stating the turn of a digital age in the book industry, Cornwall (2010) also claims that the majority of expected sales of eBooks will be dominated by the all middle-aged women, as they are the "readers" of books.

The reason why eBooks will be such a bigger hit than normal books in the future, most probably rely on the fact that eBooks will offer many other features that the internet offers. Apart from its main function which is to download books online for the reader's pleasure of reading, going online with an eBook is somewhat a replacement from going online with a laptop. An eBook will appear less bulky compared to laptops as well.

Finding reading materials will be a lot different and refreshing compared to spending time in a library or book shop for the perfect book (Johnson 2009). Functions from the eBook appears limitless as it has access to internet and tons of downloads of reading materials appears to be more enjoyable by readers as the convinience of having a new reading material is at their fingertips (Cornwall 2010).

Possessing an eBook definitely seems a lot more pleasurable compared to the normal buying a book from a bookstore or borrowing a book from a library. Having said that, the convenience of having an eBook and downloading any related reading materials that is needed by an individual can be less of a hassle than going out to find one. Having both convenience and a wide variety of features, eBooks has definitely won the battle of attractiveness compared to the normal books.

As a conclusion, eBooks will definitely survive as it serves the users a lot more compared to normal books. Leibs (2008), explains how easy it is for eBook users to obtain reading materials by introducing a shop that sells reading materials in formats such as audio, braille, e-text and large prints which are compatible for eBooks.


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