Monday, November 15, 2010


After going through these postings on media and publishing issues, I can conclude that it has been a real eye opener on some of the issues that are happening in the media world. It also helped me enhanced some form of knowledge on posting in a blog.

Some of the issues that I have covered in this blog proves just how dangerous blogging can be as there are some form of regulations that needs to be followed. Examples such as Namewee and Aduka Taruna, which was on my previous posting just shows how dangerous it is to post unethical items on blogs.

Being sensitive to surroundings, culture and also environment around you, is a basic principal that a person, as a responsible individual, should obtain in themselves. Applying this basic knowledge to the blogging world is also important as well. However, in the blogging community, it is wise to take extra percaution on the things posted compared to real life, as more than just the environment that you live in are taken into account because blogs can be read worldwide.

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