Monday, November 15, 2010

Section 2: Movie Reviews

The article basically states the importance of a review for a certain movie. There are so many applications on the internet that allows users to connect with other individuals. Social websites such as friendster, myspace and facebook are a prime example of these social websites. Mendoza (2009) states that by using these social websites, the movie industry are trying to get feedbacks on their movies from these websites.

Mendoza (2009) explains the importance of having reviews and comments from the public, be they positive or negative comments. Apart from just stating the importance of having the public interested in a movie, Mendoza (2009) also explains that by using downloadable applications in conjunction to a movie blockbuster, this can help entice consumers all around the world.

Also, by producing such a downloadable application that is related to a movie, this can help in enhancing the positive comments made about said movie. By doing this, it can help movie enthusiasts by deciding which movies to spend time on in the month. By taking consideration the overall total of movies produced per month, it is hard for most consumers to decide which movies to watch.

In my opinion, movie reviews are so important that movie industries are doing anything and everything they can in order to attract attention of the public. In order to do so, movie companies are producing all these tactics to grab attention of the consumers. Movie industries turn to facebook because it is one of the biggest social network on the internet. Producing a promotional web movie is one of the easiest way to obtain the attention of the public and that is what most movie industries are doing nowadays (Siegchrist n.d.). Below shows a prime example of a movie promotional game in conjunction to the movie.



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