Monday, November 15, 2010

Section 2: Blogging Regulations

This article basically explains the situation of a blogger that posted harsh comments on his blog of the late sultan of Johor. According to the report, the blogger, Aduka Taruna had used insulting comments on the way the death of the late sultan of Johor was being announced. Other than that, the article also highlighted the fact that Aduka Taruna had made a public apology and deleted the insulting comment from his blog, but this was not taken into consideration by the public as his apology was claimed to be insulting as well.

Shadiqe (2010) also reports that the issue is not solved yet as further investigation is being held as this was a serious matter. Aduka Taruna has gone into hiding as there were death threats on his life based on the insulting comments that he made.

In my opinion, Aduka Taruna was wrong in what he did. Making insulting comments and mockery on the dead or how the dead was announced is nothing to be proud about. However, certain actions do not make sense to me at all. Death threats being made is considered very uncivilised on the public's part. Commenting on Aduka's blog on reporting to the authorities about his mockery on such a matter is considered the normal thing anyone would do, but making threats on another person's life? This somehow seems a little out of context, in my opinion. Malaysia is considered a somewhat democratic country and still most of the people in Malaysia are acting as though they have the right to do anything they want without any consequences.

Aside from that, there is a context in the constitution in Malaysia which allows freedom of speech to a certain extend (Bashir 2009). Although Aduka's comments were considered to be not within the boundries of such a constitution, acting this "civilised" proves that the Malaysian public are still too narrow minded on public issues. It is a fact that most Malaysians are narrow minded on issues, and this will not change unless these Malaysians learn that with time, things evolve and nothing can stay the same forever, especially the way an individual thinks.


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