Friday, October 1, 2010

What is good powerpoint presentation?

Slide 1
Slide 2

A good PowerPoint presentation should include good layout and good content. Those are the basic attributes that a PowerPoint presentation should consist of.

Above is an example of a good power point slide. As can be seen from it, the colour scheme of this slide is perfectly suited to enable readers and audience to see the points well. Russel (n.d.) stresses that it is not proper to use caps when making a statement as it gives the implication that the presenter is shouting at the audience. From this slide above, it is obvious that the word "two" is underlined instead of capitalised.

From the slide above, it can be seen that the background of the slide is very simple and this makes it easier for the audience to read them (Marquez n.d.) Aside from just the background and layout of this slide, the font chosen is suitable as it is simple and easy to read as well (Marquez n.d.)

Bear (n.d.) suggest that slides within a PowerPoint should be consistent and changes should not be applied to the font and background. From the 2 slides above, it is clear that this slide is a very consistent one indeed.

There is a single flaw in this PowerPoint presentation and that is referring to the way the content is being laid out. A perfect example of this is slide 2 where the content of that slide is too wordy. Most audience cannot read as fast as the presenter presents (Orzel 2006). Orzel (2006) strongly suggests that keeping the text to a minimum is more proper for a presentation as audience will be tempted to read the slides instead of listening to the presenter.


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