Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blog Classification

There are a lot of arguements about what kind of blog is suitable for the types of content that it proposes. There are many type of issues that can be discussed in a blog. Some examples of the issues that are discussed in some of today's blogs are instructional, informational, reviews, lists, interviews and many more (Rowse 2005). One fine example of an informational issue is a political blog. (Shown below)


Moving on to devices, there are not as many devices for blogging with current technology. So far, there are two frequently used devices to blog which is the computer and mobile phone(Moblog). Moblog are used by bloggers who rather rely on their mobile phone to do the blogging (Williams 2007). These blogs are normally used for photoblogs. One example of a moblog is as shown below.


There are plenty ways of blogging. Some of the type of blogging is sketchlog, vlog, linklog and so on. These different types of blogging styles are usually just a combination of what a blog represents. Most blogs nowadays have all these styles imbedded into a blog. One example of a type of blogging style is as shown below(sketchlog).


As a conclusion, different types of style defines a blog and this differs from the type of information that is being shown by the blogger. The most universal blogging that can be used for almost any kind blog, whether its informational, personal or anything at all, is the normal blog from a computer. Moblog is not suitable as it limits the posting ability of a blogger. Style of blogging comes down to the genre of the wanted issues being blogged.
The survivability of the blog all comes down to the content of the blog (Liew 2008). Liew (2008) strongly suggests that the style and elaboration of bloggers are the reason readers are prompted to read again, not the style.


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