Saturday, October 2, 2010

Benefits of Blogging


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The graph above shows that the blogosphere at the moment stands at 133 million blogs being recorded worldwide. It is said that the blogosphere, worldwide, was a shocking growth and it has placed a role in influencing the any subject in the world, from business to politics (McLean 2009).

The trends of blogging as of late, pretty much does not differs in different regions or countries (McLean 2009). Lately, one of the most popular trends that can be found in blog is advertising within the blogs (Sussman 2009). Sussman (2009) further stresses that most bloggers advertise on their blogs to earn money as they have been reported earning from the advertising.

There are many kind of blogs. These blogs are divided into five different types of blogs, which are the collaborative blog, tutorial blog, travel and cultural blog, fashion and lifestyle blog and personal blog (Belardo n.d.)

Among these blogs, some can be used to produce a prevalent blog. An example of a prevalent blog in certain countries is the blog stated above in the picture. This blog is an example of the current issues that are happening in Iran. This blogs states the facts of the Sharia Law in Islamic Rebuplic of Iran and how brutal the punishments in store for the guilty party. Some of the punishments include burying alive, massive hanging to death and stonning.


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