Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blogging Communities

Blogging Community basically means a group of individuals that meet up online and have the same interest and common goals that they wish to accomplish together (Owyang 2007). Owyang (2007) further stresses that these individuals also share components or ideas through the web tools and opinions through comments.

There are plenty of steps that needs to be done to create a blogging community. These are more of ways than steps to create a blogging community. Rowse (2008) clearly states that its a good idea to take the lead in posting and commenting on other blogs as a start. It is also a good idea to ask questions and make the readers feel more involved in the blog (Rowse 2008).

Aside from just making the readers feel more involved, Rowse (2008) also states that it is a good idea to reply comments by readers and also ask opinions from readers to comment on comments. By making all readers so involved with the blog, this will help create a group of loyal readers for the blog (Rowse 2008). Mueller (2009) agrees that just by replying reader's comments, this will give them a feeling of acceptance in a blog.

There are plenty types of blogging communities around now. Some examples are the personal blogging communities where real life friends are the real readers of the blogs. In this blogging community, most of the time the topics are about real life incidents or events. Readers are limited to personal friends at this point.

Above is a screen shot of one of the famous bloggers in East Malaysia, Kenny Sia. This blog has one of the most readers and is considered a blog community. The way Kenny addresses his readers is amazing. He makes sure not even one of his readers feel left out. Discussion in this blog are always on the latest happenings in Malaysia and sometimes, worldwide as well.


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